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Costa Rica Finca Tono Lot H3
Green Coffee Beans

  • Roast Level: Light

    Process: Honey Process

    What to expect in the cup


    This coffee shines as an espresso with notes of apple coming to the front and a velvety caramel, malty body. 

    V60 Pour Over / Cupping

    Apple and caramel with hints of citrus fruits as it cools. 

  • Farm Info PDF Download Link

    Farm: Finca Tono

    Altitude:  1,450m above sea level

    Varietals Villa Sarchi

    Farm Information: 

    RAVE coffee is excited to introduce you to the Aguilera Bros in West Valley.  The Aguilera’s are a total of 12 brothers and sisters all of which have been involved in coffee from the time of their parents.  The brothers work the mill and farms themselves with basically no hired labour other than pickers during the harvest.  With the help of the third-generation, they work the mill, work the drying patios, prune the coffee fields, fertilize, etc year-round.  The Aguilera Bros understand quality at the farm level and mill level and this is why we are excited about having their coffee in the roastery.


    Coffee has been cultivated in Costa Rica since 1779.  Currently, the regions producing the best quality are Tarrazu, West Valley, and Central Valley.  Coffee production has been threatened the past decade due to a real-estate boom converting coffee-lands into prime development properties.  San Jose, the capital, is right in the heart of Central Valley where you will find private houses next to coffee farms.  The value of these farms have now skyrocketed.

    In the last few years the Costa Rican microlot market has grown to be one of the most popular origins that deliver very consistent quality year-after-year. 

    This coffee is sourced directly from micro-mills and producers were paid at the Farm Gate level.


  • Our espresso recipe using 20g basket
    20.5g in
    42g out
    in 28 to 32 seconds

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