What it is: 

One of the few brewing methods that keep the water around the grounds still- also known as steeping.

This produces a different extraction and flavour than many of the other methods.

Fun Fact: 
Many who evaluate coffee for a living claim the Cafetiere comes closest of all the methods to matching the cupping taste experience.

Ideal coffee: 
We like a nice bright medium roast like our Peru Churupampa or El Salvador Bosque Lya.

The grind: 
Coarse, coarser than filter. Almost grit.

How much coffee: 
Roughly 30g per 500ml

How long it should steep: 
4 minutes

How to brew:

  1. Boil the kettle.
  2. While the kettle is boiling, weigh out your coffee. Roughly 30g per 500ml.
  3. Grind the coffee, coarser than filter, almost gritty. This method uses the coarsest grind due to the mesh of the Cafetiere.
  4. Put your freshly ground coffee in the carafe and pour in 1/3 of your hot water and leave for approximately 30 seconds, allowing the coffee to bloom. Then add the remaining 2/3 of water and stir.
  5. Leave for a further 3 minutes.
  6. Preheat a mug with some hot water.
  7. Using a spoon, break the crust formed by the coffee and stir briefly. Some people choose to remove the grinds on the surface before plunging to reduce grinds ending up in your cup, but this is optional.
  8. Place the plunger on top and wait for coffee to settle. (10 seconds)
  9. Plunge away!
  10. Pour out your coffee into your warm mug and enjoy.